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    Mavin Record Act Johnny Drille, Was Forced To Cut His Hair Due To A Fungal Infection (Photos)

    Mavin’s act, Johnny Drille, has been forced to cut his signature afro hair after a fungal infection. Sharing a photo of his new look on Instagram, the singer disclosed that the infection slowly caused his hair to break, creating scanty patches on his scalp.

    Here’s his emotional long post;
        This will be a long read, so forgive me! Some of you may have noticed I didn’t have my ‘signature’ hair at some point this year. Well, I had a terrible condition called fungal infection that slowly caused my hair to break, creating scanty patches on my scalp.
        Around January I noticed I had scales on my face but didn’t pay it any attention until it spread to my scalp and ears.

    I probably got it from a barber shop or hotel bedsheets that weren’t properly washed. I would spend the next two months assuming it was dandruff and trying to treat that.

     I saw that I was losing a lot of my hair and it was then I realized it wasn’t at all dandruff but something terrible.
        I had a dermatologist check and he diagnosed it as fungal infection and prescribed the drugs.

        Treating it has hands down been the hardest thing I’ve done this year. I had to shave all of my remaining hair to properly treat it. I can remember leaving the barber shop with my friend Obji and hating the guy I saw in the mirror, me.

    I was going to stay indoors for the next few weeks and go out only a few times aided by face caps and hats. I dreaded taking tablets prior as I’d rather just let my immune system fight whatever I was down with, but this time it was inescapable, I had to take dem pills.

    Treatment also didn’t come cheap, a Terbinafine pack of 14 tablets sold for NGN17, 000 and I must have have taken around 6 packs of those. One mistake I made was not being faithful to dosage; at times I missed a dosage and woke up to more fungus on my face and hair the next morning.

    Another mistake I made was not correctly diagnosing it but assuming it was nothing serious.

    Last week I took the last tablet of Terbinafine and I can now boldly say I’m totally free from that stubborn fungal infection that plagued me the most of this year.

    I also learned to take medication by myself (my mum or sister would usually force me to take pills then). It’s a pretty boring story but I wanted to share it so in case you experience something like this or anything suspicious, you should take action asap and not wait for it to get out of control.