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    Prost!tute Ripped Condom Off Client’s Penis And Swallowed It To Hide Evidence (Photos)


    However, her client admitted they were ‘halfway through’ having sex when police smashed their way in through the front door and said that Dang quickly removed the condom.

    Officers searched the room after finding a condom wrapper and later reported that she was constantly asking for water. She was taken to Jen-Ai Hospital in neighbouring Taichung City where scans revealed a ‘shadow’ in her chest, which police believed was the condom.

    As a result, they were never able to formally charge Dang with destruction of evidence.

    Doctors at the facility said the woman – had she really swallowed the condom as suspected – risked having the rubber lodged in her upper respiratory tract or somewhere in her digestive system, which would require surgery to extract in the future. However, it could also be digested without obstruction.

    The woman’s client and another massage parlour worker were also punished, but their sentences have not been revealed.

    Source: Metro UK